Mint Innovation
  • We are innovation enablers.

    We enable innovation with sharp insights, breakthrough ideas and actionable sensory evaluation techniques.

    We integrate a strong sensory orientation & professional sensory evaluation skills, into our innovation processes.

    We deliver client-tailored solutions.

  • We build more accurate and efficient bridges to enable innovation.
  • We build more accurate and efficient bridges to enable innovation.

We believe that observational techniques deliver the best insights: Talk less, watch more.

What you put in determines what you get out: Clear concepts and differentiated platforms ensure feedback from consumers is both rich and actionable.

We deliver growth strategies for your brands or categories.

Different consumers have different needs. We segment people according to their sensory preferences. Read more...
Our approach identifies different sensory clusters, and describes in detail the needs of each cluster. It is not possible to make one product that everyone will love. One size does not fit all.
Consumers do not know the true reasons for their preference; most preferences are driven subconsciously. Read more...
We only ask questions that consumers are capable of answering – simple questions about liking.
Consumers cannot tell us what they want in the future, but they can tell us what they like when they see it, taste it, smell it or touch it. Read more...
We discover the diversity of sensory needs by including a broad range of stimuli [test products] in our process. We show people the future, we do not ask them to talk about it.

  1. Do you have precise knowledge of what drives acceptance in your category?
  2. Are you aware there could be up to 50 sensory attributes in your category?
  3. In product tests are you measuring the attributes that actually influence acceptance?
  4. Do you believe what consumers tell you about what they are experiencing?
  5. Do you know what that consumers can be segmented according to their sensory preferences?

Asahi discovered DRY – a new sensory space, but consumers did not tell Asahi they should make a ‘dry’ beer.

A significant proportion of Italians preferred the profile of GREEK OLIVE OIL – but they could never have articulated this.

A significant proportion of yoghurt eaters are driven more by APPEARANCE attributes than by flavour or aroma – and they are not conscious of this.

  • We identify, describe and quantitatively model the key drivers for a product’s acceptance.
  • We use descriptive analysis to describe all the specific sensory characteristics perceivable in your category.
  • We understand human perceptions and behaviour and combine this with a more systematic and professional approach to the testing process.

Creativity is important to us – Creativity is: Thinking up something new with value.

Taking risks is inherent to creativity – this is the only way to break away from the predictable, the habitual, the undifferentiated.

We deliver ideas of value via high-energy, professionally facilitated and strategically founded creative sessions.

End with a gallery of ideas of value and share these
via immediate 1-on-1 consumer interactions.

Develop finished briefs for creative agencies.

Build these into inspiring 'idea capital' documents.

Develop strategies to ensure ideas are used.

What makes us different

We are the only ideas-company that can include sensory evaluation right at the beginning of an innovation journey. By stimulating consumers in a systematic way, we ensure you understand peoples' needs today and tomorrow.

What we do

We specialize in transforming insights into assets.

We help you find new spaces and the next big ideas to fill them with.

We will develop innovative market solutions that deliver sustainable, profitable growth.

Gillem Lawson

A highly experienced innovator. His hands-on creative skills, combined with over a decade of delivering consumer insights, are behind numerous new products and brands in Asia.

After gaining a degree in psychology, his seven years at a London research agency exposed him to the broadest range of clients and projects. His key interests were always in brand strategy and NPD and this laid the foundations for his thinking, his disciplined working style and a strong belief in observational approaches to better understand consumers.

Gillem has worked in research in South East Asia since 1997. He was Research International’s (now TNS) regional innovation director until 2006 when he co-founded Mint Innovation.

In addition to delivering strategic insights (including sensory insights) and breakthrough brand and product ideas, he runs numerous training sessions in ethnographic research, introductory semiotics, insight generation & creative facilitation across SE Asia.

Elaine Morganti

A sensory star, latterly of SAM Zurich with a dozen years experience of sophisticated sensory innovation, Elaine has renovated & innovated for literally 100s of products across many countries.

In 1996 she graduated in Food Technology at the Hevs School in Wallis (Switzerland) and in 1996-1997 worked at the HEVS (Hautes Ecoles Valaisannes, Geneva).

Between 1997 & 2006 she was at SAM becoming the Operations Manager for the facilities in Zurich. Here she gained extensive experience in expert panel moderation, advanced statistics, multi-country test organization, aromas, and training in sensory evaluation.

She is Mint Innovation’s Sensory Director and works extensively with a number of multinational companies across Asia and the Middle East.

Daniel Frick

Has extensive experience in marketing and in the corporate world. He comes with a successful innovation track record after 12 years with Nestle in Europe and in Asia.

He graduated in business management from Hautes Ecoles Commerciales (HEC) Lausanne. He joined Nestle Switzerland in 1995 and become Key Account Manager for their most important client. He became a brand manager for a strategic category, who grew market share and profits via important innovation projects.

Following this success, he was assigned as a category marketing manager of an important and underperforming category at Nestle Thailand. His mission wan to turnaround the ASEAN canned liquid milk business via an aggressive innovation strategy. As per end of 2006, his initiatives contributed to improve the bottom-line by 30 mio US.

In Early 2007 he co-founded Mint Innovation.

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